Friday, July 31, 2009

Hi everyone. My name is Leana and I am originally from New Jersey but have lived in Boston for the last four years. I am working towards a degree in Art History at the MET College here at BU and currently work at the Museum of Fine Arts. We have some good exhibits up so you should all check it out. I decided to take this course because I thought it would be a fun and interesting way to learn about science for my requirement. Science was never one of my best subjects but I am looking forward to this class because I’ll be experiencing new things and I absolutely love being outside. I do not have much experience with the water relative to most people in Boston. I grew up by the Hudson River but there was no fishing going on. I have actually never really been fishing so a lot of this will be new for me. I’ve had some interesting experiences with the water. For example, when I was about 10 I stepped on a sea urchin in the ocean in Israel and couldn’t use one foot for about four days. Just recently I fell into the Charles River canoeing on the 4th of July. But I still love the water because it relaxes me, seems to have endless possibilities, and because I know so little about it so it is always new and exciting.

As for the big toilet-flushing question, the consensus of the articles I read tells me that the direction in which a toilet in Australia flushes has nothing to do with the fact that it is there as opposed to here. A common misconception is that the Coriolis force which concerns the Earth’s rotation completely determines the direction of the flush. In fact, the way in which the flusher is pulled, the shape of the toilet, the air currents, and the tilt of the toilet all determine which direction the water will drain. So it is not necessarily always clockwise or counterclockwise. I concluded this from reading the same line of logic on several websites, and felt that it was somewhat validated after coming across it on the Michigan State University’s Physics and Astronomy site because usually those “.edu” sites are reputable sources.

See you all tomorrow.

Leana Ovadia

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