Friday, July 31, 2009

Assignment #1

Hi, everyone.

My name is Han. I come from Harbin, a beautiful city in northeast of China . There is heavy snow in winter where you can not only go skiing or ice-skating but also enjoy the ice lantern and snow sculpture. It is fantastic. If you want to travel around , tell me, I will help you arrange a happy time in Harbin.

My major is International shipping in Shanghai Maritime University. Some of my friends will be sailers after graduate and I want to be a broker for shipping trade. It's really hard to work on board, but it can't stop my favor of the ocean. I love the feeling of freedom and ease on board.

And about which way does water drain in a sink , I think, it will be a anticlockwise way of water drained in Australia. For in the north hemisphere, the water will drain in a sink clockwise. why?

First water will be effected by the vertical force of the gravity which make water go down.

Second water will have different horizontal forces which is caused by the earth rotation . Earth is round , and part of the water which is nearer to the equator has the faster surface speed, so the water will go down by clockwise because of the inertia .

That's what happened in the north hemisphere. So to the Australia, which is in the south hemisphere. water will go down by anticlockwise because it is opposite to the hemisphere.

That 's my idea. I do read the research post by:
But I don't agree. I think it will be an anticlockwise way.

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