Friday, July 31, 2009

Hi everyone, my name is Hilary Miller. I am a senior at the University of Richmond in Virginia, majoring in Accounting and French. I am from Charlottesville, Virginia; however, my parents spend the summer in Maine because of my dad’s work and to get away from the extreme heat. I am taking this course because I do not have time in my schedule to take a science class next year at my university and still graduate on time. Since I have been in Argentina doing volunteer work all summer, this class fit my schedule the best. I actually just found it by googling intensive summer science classes. Regardless, I could not have been luckier this class was the one that best fits my schedule because I love the ocean. Aside from loving the ocean because I love boating (I used to work at a yacht club in Maine during the summer and have my coast guard operating licence); I love the Ocean because there is another world unbeknownst to many people just below a layer of water.
As for the big question, I started my research by searching the Internet for an answer and soon became overwhelmed by differing responses. However, the majority of sources stated that the Coreolis effect does not affect the way small bodies of water drain. I decided abandon the internet for fear of trusting an unreliable source. Next, I skyped my friend who lives in Melbourne, Austrailia (Phoebe Hammond) and asked her to test out her toilet for me. Yet, it seems her toilet didn’t drain any particular way; the water was just sucked out. But, her sink drained clockwise. In conclusion, I believe the way water in a sink and a toilet is not affected by location on Earth but the shape of the sink or toilet.
See you tomorrow bright and early!

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