Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hi All!

I am from Montclair, New Jersey and as most of your probably assume the Jersey shores are not the greatest. I was able to truly first fall in love with the Ocean when I saw the beaches in Phuket, Thailand last summer. For the first time I was able to get that calm, breath-taking feeling that you are supposed to get from being at the beach. To get a better idea of how incredible the sight is and why it impacted me so much , here is a picture that I found on Google images of Phuket.

My family spent a week on Phuket and we all dream of going back. During the week, we went Snorkling every day and explored a lot of the Island on boat. Unfortunately, my father and I have always gotten seasick, to the point that it has inhibited us from experiencing the Ocean on a boat. I even managed to get seasick on a pontoon boat on a lake in Indiana which I didn't think was possible. Luckily, when we were in Phuket we took some Dramamine and took the plunge. I am not sure if it was the medicine, or the stunning bright blue color of the water, but my father and I held it together and had an incredible time. It really made me resent my stomachs inability to handle boating because I think its a hobby I could really get into.

I have not been on a boat since Phuket, and I am so thrilled that this class is giving me another opportunity to build up my boating confidence, as well as a chance to explore Boston in a new way. I am very excited to make new memories and meanings of what Boston has meant to me through out these past few years, after my transfer from Indiana University. I look forward to the challange of tackeling science, a subject I now feel I have not spent enough time on, as well as the challange of my stomach. : )

As far as the Question concerning if the water in Australia goes counter-clockwise down the drain or not, I began my research on Google Scholar where I was led to this article titled "Bathroom Buddies: Countering your Clockwise Rotation" from the website In this article, it is pointed out that there is a lot of disagreement on if water rotation has to do with the Coriolis Effect because the only fact we have is that Cyclones rotate clockwise in the southern hemisphere and in the northern hemisphere hurricanes rotate counter-clockwise, and that this is not enough reason to believe it is based on the earths rotation. There seams to be a lot of myth to this theory, and that an accurate answer has not yet been determined because many Australians have reported both, indicated by these travelling bloggers from the website:

Looking forward to our weekend adventure!

- Chloe Katz

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