Thursday, July 30, 2009

Assignment #1

Hi all. My name’s Matt and I’ve enrolled in ES 141 because it’s allowing me to take a class which offers a condensed schedule; along with providing me the opportunity of experiencing a rare real world scientific research expedition of sorts (this class also fulfills my final degree requirement). I’m really looking forward to the many interesting days ahead. Additionally, I love the ocean; for its vast open space, for its coastlines, for its wave activity, and for its marine life above and below the surface. Whenever possible, I like fishing (with most anyone), enjoy boating with friends and neighbors within Boston Harbor, and take great pleasure in visiting the many beaches up and down the New England coastline. I also love to build an occasional sand castle, catch and throw a football around in the water with whomever I’m with, and enjoy walking up and down the beach while taking in the natural surroundings.

For example; while serving in the U.S. Navy (back in the day when I was only 19) aboard the U.S.S. Midway (CV-41) Aircraft Carrier, I was fortunate enough to have traveled the Pacific and Indian Oceans, enabling me to take liberty in the many countries along the way. One night on a beach in Mombasa, Kenya comes to mind. While walking the beach (the name of it escapes me right now) after hours of drinking with my fellow shipmates, I had decided to walk along the beach alone around 1 a.m. As I looked out over the moon lit horizon over the Indian Ocean, the faint clicking sounds of some unknown origin were coming from all around me. After about five or ten minutes of walking barefoot along the sand and surf, my eyes finally adjusted to the moon light, revealing the thousands of red crabs (each about the size of my fist) crawling up and down the coast. Cool!!! I thought to myself. At that time I decided to sit down, allowing the waves to pass me by, and watch the somewhat migration of crabs make their way along that beach.

My favorite beach on the New England coast is by far Second Beach in Middleton, Rhode Island (note: 2nd beach in Newport and 2nd beach in Middleton are two separate beaches). The skyline on Second Beach is the high cliffs supporting such Newport Mansions as the “Breakers” in the background (note: views are most appreciated the further south you go along the beach), and the sand and surf is fantastic.

In regards to my research into the direction of the water when draining down a sink in Australia; I am convinced that according to the following sources below, water drains clockwise (under natural conditions, without any intrusive forces) as it does in the Northern Hemisphere of the globe.

I’ll see you all bright and early on Saturday!

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