Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Final post

Final Post- Terry Baurley What I have learned is that science is not exact, and that the data, observation and facts are more important. The largest challenge I have had was working with incomplete data and trying to make sense of it all, which lead me to many inaccurate conclusions. Sources that are reliable are hard to come by on the web as a Google search. Ultimately though, interpretation of the data comes from experience, working with the data, understanding it and also observing it over a significant amount of time. It’s easy to make conclusions that are beliefs and it’s easy to make mistakes when asked to defend something. What I have learned and come to believe is that there is a difference between beliefs and facts. I do believe that when we care about the Harbor or the River or a species that it is important that we do our best. I believe that out teacher is one of the best I will have here at BU and I have learned an enormous amount. I have also enjoyed learning and spending time with all of my classmates. Thank you for patience and understanding. Best wishes to all of you in your future endeavors. See pictures below.

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