Sunday, August 4, 2013

StevieMarie LaMonica - I Bid Farewell

August 4, 2013

 I never realized how lucky I was to live in Winthrop until I became an adult. As a kid, I just thought it was cool to live near the beach and watch the airplanes fly over all day long. My parents would take me for walks along the beach where we’d see a ton of periwinkles and snails. I’d pick them up, play with them, and then put them back, thinking how cute they were. Sometimes I’d get to see tiny, live crabs, but most of the time I just saw dead crabs or their shells, most likely from seagulls. In middle school we had a field trip to George’s Island where we had a picnic and a scavenger hunt, it was fun but we didn't really care all that much by what was around us, even though our teacher was trying to do his job; teach us something. As I got a little older, in my teens, I really just didn't care about any of it. Even thought I knew about tide pools in the harbor, and the islands, I never realized how much the organisms and species living in this place, that I’ve lived all of my life, had such an impact on the harbor, the environment and humans, too. It wasn’t until I took this class that I learned what invasive species were, and what harm they've done. I didn’t even realize these cute adorable little tiny periwinkles were invasive and not native, and their impact. To me, the Boston Harbor has always been dirty, even after I knew a little about the work that had been done to clean it up. It was nice to see that it really was cleaner, and wasn’t nearly as gross as I had thought. Pretending to be a visitor to the harbor really changed my attitude towards it. I get to appreciate it so much more now, and I want to learn so much more. I want to learn about all of the species, where they came from, if they’re native or invasive, and their impact. Luckily, I did get to learn quite a bit about that, and even learned about species and organisms I had never seen or, I have seen and just had no clue what they were, like tunicates. I thought that was just some yucky slime that was part of the dirty harbor, but that’s not the case at all. This class has made me want to spend more time at the harbor and in the city of Boston to keep expanding my knowledge, and appreciate even more where I live and where I’ve come from, and what I have surrounding me that is truly amazing. 

I have met some pretty awesome people in this class, and hope to stay connected with them. Especially my partners in crime; Coulter, Berit and Karissa <3 

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