Friday, August 2, 2013

The Whale Watch that Wasn't.

The Last Class

The fish facts (stripers) was interesting even thou my argument concerning PCB's and mercury contamination differed from everyone else.

The class was fun, although I would have liked to have visited some of the other harbor islands.

Whale Watch

The whale watch didn't happen due to an uncooperative sea however here are some fun facts about whales.

Human's have a hearing center that is the size of a small pearl (3-4mm).

a dolphins has a hearing center about the size of a golf ball

A large whale has a hearing center the size of a baseball - they can dive hundreds of kilometers and still hear and can hear thousands of kilometers at the surface.

There are 85 different species of whales

You can tell the age of whale by looking at the wax plug in it ear.  The plug has a pattern of layers and when cut lengthwise, you can count the rings to determine the age - just like counting the rings of a tree.

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