Sunday, August 4, 2013

First time fishing with the PROS!

Best day of the week, by Yahir Flores

Fishing in the ocean was exciting I did not catch a fish, but sure dreamed one day I will.  My classmates were having a lot of fun catching fish and one lucky one pulled 30 inch stripper how amazing. During this time our instructor was helping the students understand the importance of sustainable fishing and other important topics. I was amazed at how easy people were catching fish and at how accessible fishing in the ocean was if you knew to go with. Our tractor was very knowledgeable in regards to the ocean life, and the specific rules and regulations that deal with sustainability and long term use.
Lovell’s Island field trip was amazing in all the ways measurable. The Island was under used and very interesting I found it personally to be very refreshing as a went for a water observation. In which I learned that boats make waves at first I was thinking of the power behind the engine and the disturbance humans  make but then I realized its not such a bad wave compared to North Eastern and other severe weather.
Lovell’s Island used to be a military outpost control by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and I found it to be very inviting. It offered to the public a grill to cook benches to sit on and walkways to keep you moving without disturbing the plants, rabbits, and birds. I really liked the welcome we got by the guardians advising us to always be mindful of our  trash and to make the best effort to take it all back out, its always a good to see authority value and educate.  
In the Island I picked up two slugs with white with dark stripes going around the shell which I believe are  white-lipped banded snail. I found them hanging out in a tree that had other suffered a little damage from getting eaten by many slugs over time. I decided to give the tree a break and take two slugs with me to keep as pets they are named Venture and Capital I decided that taking them from their habitat was a minimal harm and would most likely save their lives from being eaten by birds.
I also encountered some shells attached to rocks that contain edible sea life I was told I could eat one or two but not to get carried away I had three and I strongly recommend to my classmates to try something new. It was tasty and had a see like taste, I like it, and was please to now know of a food in case I ever need to survive in an Island.  
On our way back into the city we learned to use all of the food a stripe bass provides and a demonstration was given showing how to kill and skin a fish to reduce the suffering and get the most of your fish catch I then went on and tried to repeat the process on another fish and found it to be help full to learn by doing I am now able to safely skin and cook a fish.  We also found out what fish in the sea are eating, small shrimp and wanted to eat out worm.
Experiment of fish and other plants

Salt and pepper, butter, green beans, olives, low heat and a lot of love.  
I have never had such fun cooking for my love ones I just wish I had hooked the fish my self next time I will do it all myself from start to finish. I really enjoyed this day I learned a lot and made a connection with the ocean I had not felt before I will always remember the great experience and fun I had.

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