Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fallon Fernandes - Blog 4 (Lovells Island)

Out of all the trips we made during this class, this one was my favorite. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn how to catch fish. I even caught a black bass! Another student with the help from my teacher was able to snag a large striper.

After coming in contact with various species of fish on the boat, we got to the island. We walked to other side of the island to get to a specific tidal pool we were looking for. There we found many species, some we had seen before (i.e. sea cabbage, rock weed, kelp, barnacles, orange tunicates, etc.) and others we hadn't (i.e. periwinkles, asian shore crab and hermit crabs.) I later discovered that the asian shore crab was an invasive species that found its way to New Jersey via ballast from commercial ships. it wasn't long before its range expanded to the New England Coast.

Lastly, while making our way back tot he ship we discovered some land snails/garden snails in the shrubbery.

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