Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Public Hearing

The Public Hearing and its highlights,
On this day we were invited to hear community leaders and special interest party’s debate over the future of 3 project development. The first was dealing with tourism and how the Long Wharf hotel was trying to renovate its exterior structure to be more accommodating to truism. This was a special interest subject to them since they had noticed a growing interest in the ocean front by locals and tourist. They spoke of building the exterior to accommodate benders  and give a better experience to our visitors. It was very interesting to see how real world developers and venture capital unite to capture an opportunity. I learned how practical my professors inside view was, in class we spoke about the opportunities found in the oceanfront and in this field trip special interest groups were very interested in addressing that potential.

During the presentation we learned about the importance of developing alongside with the community and the positive impacts good organizations can have improving the community.

We also learned about the management of buildings in regards to the structure and the future of important community space. The guest speaker spoke about projects she had worked on and the hinders of maintaining developments that were not carefully envision. He spoke of an incident where he had to replace light bulbs with a crane because the developers did not think of the practicality of using sergeant fixtures to illuminate at night. He spoke of the constant divisions between local state and federal property along with his involvement with the new park he was managing. He told us how important it is for him and his team to have practical development, he wanted everyone in the room to understand he had limited resources and a careful well thought and planned out project would have the greatest impact on the community. He gave the example of the new structure that use renewable energy to power lights and the water fountains he noted how well it worked out and how much the community enjoyed the experience.

Finally we got an oversight of buildings overcoming global warming and rising ocean currents. The guest speaker was introducing their plan for relocating all there basement equipment to the second floor of the building. They pointed out how expensive it was for them too make such renovations, along with how they felt a sense of urgency to start remodeling they're building to prevent flooding and keep the building in operation.

Experts on the board helping to direct and organize this event our professor delivered expert advice to the board in regards to the future of the oceanfront. I felt very proud to have the opportunity to participate in his classroom and learn from his experience. During the board meeting his advice was greatly appreciated by everyone present. I felt that my professor was the individual that gave the most complete and on point information.

The ideas presented all had value to the present guess especially the individuals trying to get the community to agree with them on their projects our class view of the field trip was good we all liked the chance to see real world negotiation and compromises.

The Aquarium's vision was very aligned with what we had spoken about in a previous class. Our professor had talked about how the aquarium needed a different appearance due to having an exterior that was unfavorable, he told us about the history and why it looks so out of contacts.  Our professor had pointed out lacking exterior attributes such an as having no windows or paint. The developers of the aquarium spoke about those exact problems and how they planned on fixing them. I learned a lesson in trusting the experts and there hindsight along with the affect of working together to reach a common goal.

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