Sunday, August 4, 2013

Final thoughts

The importance of science
I have learned the importance of the truth, and I now know the importance of distinguishing facts from boodoo science. Facts are based on close examination of the subject in question. Voodoo science is based on tales and believes that are not anchored with reality or facts. Science was important for our class in order to identify label and give the proper conclusion. This conclusion can be used to value, and input data, that will help track progress or changes, this is the reason why precise information is critical. With accurate information one can monitor the well-being of the ocean life.

The importance of the ocean to Boston
Boston has to spend a lot of money to improve the water and the ocean life . Boston has benefit from such improvements Boston has seen a greater number of game fishes along with added people utilizing the beaches adding to the number of attractions the city offers. This added  attraction has favored the tourist industry in that they have foreigners spending money to view the whales along with visiting the aquarium and the ocean walkway and beaches. The Community is also enjoying the the clean water and the added life given by having clean water. It has provided income through fishing and other ocean activities which have distinguished this part of the country from the rest.

I also learned how development happens in Boston. I was amazed when I attended the presentations that discuss the development of new projects and the impact they have on the way we live in Boston. I was also amazed at how many venture capital members attended such a meeting I quickly realized the potential income opportunity the ocean offers.

I also learned how we affect the ocean life I realized how important it is to make the right choices in regards to destinations and attractions. I was under the assumption that all attractions were created equal until I realize the amount of effort certain organizations set forth on conservation and education. Example of this is the New England Aquarium which is on the face of placing educational information free of charge in its open courtyard which will cost a great amount of revenue. At the same time this educational experience enhances the overall experience and improves the knowledge and importance of protecting the ocean life.

Another important observation was how we have change the ocean to make it more sustainable for life and future generations to enjoy. We discussed in class the history of the beaches and the problems they had in regards to waste. We learn how important it is for people to organize and speak their minds when needed. We learned about dreams and visions people had and how the made them a reality through community and goverment working together with a common interest.  But finally and most important we learnered how important it is to educate on the public in regards to the ocean life and its resources. Our professor showed how's the way by inviting and challenging us to see the beauty and the challenges that lie ahead. Our professor shared his love for the ocean and his knowledge in the ecosystem and I will forever be thankful for such a gift and great experience.
thanks a Ton I Loved this Experience !

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