Monday, August 5, 2013

Aquarium and goodbye

After the whale watch was cancelled last week, I decided to go to the aquarium instead. I went to the seal tank, and got to watch the most adorable seals swim around, play together and do tricks their trainers had taught them. They can clap their flippers, slide along on their bellies and almost jump across rocks. It was really fun to watch them have fun. I also touched rays in the ray pool. They were very similar to the skate we saw on the boat. They were so smooth and soft! I got to watch divers feed the fish in the large center tank, which was really awesome. I got to see fish that can kill with poisons and venoms as well as harmless yet strange looking fish found commonly around us and throughout the world. It was great experience getting to observe and learn more about the different penguin species found across the planet. I have seen two or three types in living in New Zealand, yet I had never been able to observe so many so close. They way the almost fly through the water is stunningly beautiful.

This is my final post-and I want to thank you all for being a part of this awesome and different summer school experience. It was so great getting to play in the harbor, learn about what's around us and explore the creatures living so close by! I hope you all enjoyed the class as much as I did! Bruce, thank you for teaching us not only about the creatures and places we see, but also how to eat them haha. I am glad I tried the ceviche; I will absolutely make it at home!

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