Sunday, August 4, 2013

Yue Chan: 6th post

It saddens me to know the class is now over. I have not had as much fun with a class since 5th grade when I attended a weekend field trip to Tybee Island, Georgia and romped around salt marshes and horseshoe crab laden beaches. It was an incredible time learning about Boston Harbor's native and non-native species, the history of each island, how to fillet caught fish, and appreciating the beauty of this one of a kind harbor.

I originally signed up for this class expecting to familiarize myself with the geography and fauna of Boston Harbor in a stereotypical Boston University classroom with a couple short field trips, and having to sit through lectures about the basics of marine biology. It was a pleasant surprise to be taught more about Boston Harbor's history than the basics of marine biology, the field trips were more than just a couple, and learning about the fauna was taught by encouraging us to run around exploring Boston Harbor for ourselves with some guidance. I have to admit, I have great difficulty with a typical classroom setting and having to sit for too long, and so this class was really up my alley. 

Thank you Professor Berman for showing me first hand what the biodiversity of Boston Harbor is, how committees consider waterfront planning, how to identify non-native marine species, and the amazing work that you and Save the Harbor, Save the Bay have done to restore this gorgeous harbor. You have been an incredible inspiration to me, and I hope to follow in your footsteps in saving what I love and influencing others to see the value in that. Thank you so much. 

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