Monday, August 5, 2013

Farewell Blog Post

I, like many people, never had the strongest affinity for science, but to my surprise, this class has truly changed my feelings about the discipline. I think part of my aversion to the sciences was because they are mostly done in the abstract (like chemistry - when am I ever going to have first-hand experience with atoms?), but this class was almost completely interactive and experience-oriented, which could be why I was able to really enjoy myself. It was great to spend so much time touching, smelling, seeing, and even tasting, the things we were talking about in class. Much of what we learned was practical knowledge that extends to all scientific study, like understanding what kind of sources are trusted and reliable, and also taking into account how personal values are very important in science and determining what is important to an individual.

I also really enjoyed this class because I have learned about so many different seashore creatures, and what effects they have on the environment. We saw many types of fish, periwinkles, tunicates, sea squirts, sea stars, barnacles, different kinds of seaweed, and so much more! I now feel more knowledgeable about what is in the water around me, and I was glad to learn so many interesting things. For example, before this class, I would have never thought that a small, invasive species like the common periwinkle could have such significant effects on the ecosystem. Also, before this class, I probably would not have considered swimming in the Harbor, nor could I have imagined I would be eating raw fish from it!

This class sparked my interest in the Boston Harbor and waterfront, and has helped me to get out of the “BU Bubble” and to become better acquainted with and knowledgeable about the city in which I live. 

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