Monday, August 8, 2011


My Final Thoughts

This class has been a wonderful experience for me. All of the field trips were great but I think my favorite was exploring the biodiversity at the docks. I was amazed at how many creatures could be found in each handful we pulled off the docks. Until then I never realized how many different types of barnacles there were or knew that skeleton shrimp even existed. I also was amazed at how good the fish and chips were at the Barking Crab after our day on the docks.

Other highlights for me were the grove snails on Lovell’s Island and I really enjoyed my adventure on Spectacle Island. I must admit when Bruce had us read the Tragedy of the Commons I couldn’t understand what the connection was to our class at first, but once we talked about the over fishing of striped bass it all became clear.

The whole experience was enhanced by the great weather, my great classmates and a great teacher. I want to thank Bruce for both for his passion for sharing his knowledge with us and the work he has done over the years with Save the Harbor, Save the Bay to protect this great resource. I suspect we’ll all pay more attention every time we see a sign over a storm drain that says, “No Dumping – This drains to the Boston Harbor”.

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