Sunday, August 7, 2011

Spectacle Island

Item 1- The first item i found was a brick most likely used by a construction crew when building or destroying a building made out of brick. It got to Spectacle Island either by boat or in the water. There are plenty of buildings made out of brick still today in Boston and it is not hard to believe that this is just trash that has made its way out there. We do not know exactly where our trash will end up when we dispose of it in the wrong ways and this is a clear example of it.

Item 2- The second item I found I believe to be the handle of an old jug. The jug was used to carry liquids around probably around the turn of the 20th century. These jugs were much more popular then because plastics had not been invented yet. This jug could have been used by a family or a restaurant in Boston. The jug has probably been brought to Spectacle very slowly via the water.
Item 3- Another piece that I found on the southern beach of Spectacle Island is what I believe to be a portion of an old pot. This looks to me like a pot you would put soil and some sort of plant inside to grow. It was most likely used by citizens of Boston. Just like the jug handle, I believe it found its way to the island via water.
Item 4- This is an old comb. This comb could have been used by anybody from anywhere. Because it is so lightweight it could have drifted from places much farther away than Boston. It could have been just dropped in the ocean from a passenger on a boat or disposed of improperly by someone on land. It shows that people think that one comb will not do any harm, but that mentality leads to polluted water and beaches all over the world.
Item 5- This is an old lobster buoy that washed up on the shore of Spectacle Island. I believe it was used by a lobster fisherman. They connect these buoys to the lobster trap that sinks to the bottom of the ocean so they can easily locate where the traps are. It most likely was cut off by a boat or even another lobster fisherman. It then floated its way to Spectacle Island and now resides on the southern shore of the island.
Item 6- Last item I found on the beach was the handle part of what appears to be a mug. This mug was probably from a household or restaurant/ hotel here in Boston. It was very smooth in texture showing that it had spent a lot of time in the water on its journey to Spectacle. It shows that we should be more careful of how we dispose of our trash. It is very easy to take out the trash everyday and have someone else pick it up. We do not even think about what happens to it after that. We cannot continue to pollute our oceans and beaches because we improperly dispose of trash due to laziness.

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