Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We have finally come down to our last class! While most of us wanted the class to be over, since it is summer, we never thought a summer class could bring a Professor and his students so close together... with nature, with the Harbor, and with each other. The days flew by so quickly.

By experimenting on which way water drains in the northern and southern hemisphere, going on the harbor tour, drawing a map of the Boston Harbor.. yes from memory (not your cell phone), exploring the docks, focusing on different habitats, looking for invaders,exploring Lovells and George's islands, filleting the Striped Bass and making cerviche, and going whale watching...Did I forget something? Well, I hope not. The most challenging was drawing the map, and I can now do it even if I miss a few jagged edges of the coastline.

This has been the most exciting, enjoyable, and memorable class I have ever taken at BU. Thanks professor for making it a class to remember. I learned a lot, and will definitely be passing the information to people who do not know that part of Boston exists. From the littlest of creatures (snails)to huge mammals (whales) Summer II 2011 was the best. Thanks Professor Berman and to all the wonderful group of classmates who made it all possible. Hopefully we will meet soon at BU maybe in another classroom (it will never be the same) or just passing by on the grounds!

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