Monday, August 1, 2011

Farewell All!

Tomorrow I will be venturing out to Spectacle Island but it will most definitely not be as fun as it would have been with my favorite group of field wrecking crew. The following phrase has been beaten to death over the past 3 weeks but this was most definitely the most hands on course I've ever taken at BU. I wish that more courses were like this.

I took "Coastal Sciences" and hated every day of it. We spent every 3 hour session in the class room with our textbooks and observing slides and listening to our teacher tell us how FUN and breathtaking it was out in the field. We'd joke about going on field trips but she would merely tell us that "if we really wanted to, we'd do it." While that is true, its sometimes good to be forced to do things. Your parents never said to you "if you really want clean teeth, you should brush them." I know this isn't a great example but you need to see what you're studying to truly appreciate it. In Earth Sciences we did just that.
We rode on boats, went on whale watches, and even ate the fish we had a community meeting about saving. I would most definitely recommend this class to anyone looking to fill any kind of credit requirement even if it were a free one. I've lived in Boston my entire life and had no idea of the natural activity that existed in what is literally my back yard.

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