Thursday, August 7, 2014

Whale Watching!

On Friday 08/01/14, the class went whale watching as our last field trip.  Before the boat took off everyone was very excited for the trip ahead, but then... the boat started moving.  Unfortunately, then not everyone was not so happy.  Sea sickness decided to make its way into some on our classmates, and our TA.  But, it was all worth it, when we got to the whale watching site we were very informed by our guide that we were about to see Humpback Whales.  We saw two Humpbacks, North Star and Hippocampus, they are identified by the marks on their tails.

They weren't very active because they were diving down for food.  They dive and stay without breathing for about 4-5minutes at a time to collect their food like plankton and krill.  They were very focused on gathering food because when mating season comes around, they travel south to the golf, where there isn't much food to eat.  Over all, although they whale weren't very active, they were still an amazing site to see.

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