Saturday, August 2, 2014

Playing Peek-a-boo with...Northstar & Hippocampus! Whale Watch

1, 2, 3, red light...nope its the BHC's catamaran style boat used for, Whale Watching...welcome aboard!

Now how could I have enrolled in a course titled:  Snails to Whales without coming to full circle of getting a look at a whale too, not happening!

As I kept my eyes gazed over the open waters, and ears akin to antenna for the whale sighting last a pair of humpback emerge.  Unfortunately, the pair affectionately named, Hippo campus & North star did not emerge together in my frame.  

Arent the people aboard that tiny boat a tad bit scared?  Nope, I guess not, since they made no attempt to move out of the dynamic duo's way, just went on business as usual.

So, then here is Hippo campus :)!

On location I was shown a young whales vertebrae which is akin to a cut of meat that I enjoy eating from the ox's tail, called "oxtail".

oxtail bone

Lastly, my final picture during our whale watch field trip that I will say so long to North star.

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